About Us

Cash Homes Carolina is a team of investors and real estate professionals, who have come together to offer solutions to sellers all across SC and the Southeast. We boast years of experience, which has allowed us to have a tremendous understanding of the local markets as well as how to find creative solutions when it is time to sell.

We want to make an offer on your home. But if whatever reason you do not want to sell, we will work with you to find a solution you will love. Our mission is to help homeowners first and foremost. We can help you with any situation, and we will never hassle you or put you under any obligation! We work efficiently and are always straightforward in our process.

We are based in SC, however, we have helped people all over the Southeast. Find out how we can help you! Give us a call today! (803) 220-3788 

Our Team

Brent Moreno

Brent is the founder of Cash Homes Carolina. He grew up in a tiny town, on a family farm, in southern Mississippi. Brent went on to work in marketing for over 10 years. He truly enjoys helping people overcome problems both in and out of real estate. He currently oversees all operations at Cash Homes Carolina and works very closely in the community and with other investors to help create win win solutions for people looking and needing to sell their homes.

Brent enjoy’s music, baseball, and supporting charities he is passionate about. He is currently engaged to a law student at USC who is actually from the exact same town where he grew up. He is looking forward to what the future holds and planting his roots and starting a family.

Romy Nos

Romy Nos joined the Cash Homes Carolina team as Acquisitions Manager in the Fall of 2017. He is a Communications degree graduate of The Ohio State University and also holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling from Ohio Christian University. His primary professional experience is in ministry, sales, and higher ed recruitment and brings both a passion to serve clients well, and a commitment to excellence and ethics in all that he endeavors. He and his wife Rebecca live in Columbia, South Carolina with their four children and enjoy nature walks, reading, sports, and serving within their local church.

When asked what he enjoys the most about working with Cash Homes Carolina, he says it’s being able to meet with and serve people while helping to provide viable solutions to their needs: “If I can assist in getting a person or family out of a rough spot and help close a difficult chapter in their lives to move forward with life, than I have done my job well.”

He is excited about the future and looks forward to providing quality care and service for those looking for counsel and direction with their real estate needs.


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